Just a few moments when the woman in the blue shirt was startled, Chen Xiang flew out like the wind, and came to the woman in the blue shirt in the blink of an eye."You...you, brother, help..." The woman in the green shirt reacted and let out a scream, speaking only in general, and a cloud of blue anger enveloped her!Chen Xiang blasted out with a palm, directly releasing the intrepid and violent wood-attribute zhenqi, turning it into a qi gang, and hitting the blue-shirted woman, like countless sharp blades at the same time, instantly destroying the blue-shirted woman Killed into a pile of minced meat.Even if you look stunning, but in front of extremely powerful forces, you are only ants!Everyone did not dare to breathe, fearing to offend such a evil star, and they would kill people with a random move, and after the killing, they didn’t look at them, as if they pinched an ant to death, without paying attention to them. Of course, Chen Xiang's brutal murderous aura also made people feel inexplicably scared.