Chen Xiang immediately understood the strength of these beast martial arts disciples. Although they were the inner sect, they were far worse than those of the Taiwu sect!After all, it was a person of the tenth rank of the Mortal Martial Realm, and he shot very quickly. When the sword stabbed, the speed was so fast that it was difficult to react, but Chen Xiang avoided.The moment the long sword stabbed like lightning, Chen Xiang jumped fiercely and jumped on top of the young man's head. He saw a faint cyan innocent spirit overflowing from his palm, and he pressed his palm on the young man's head, at that speed. Faster than when the young man took the sword!In the next scene, everyone's stomachs couldn't help but contract. After Chen Xiang put his hand on the top of the young man's head, he slammed it down, just like pressing flour, pressing the eight-foot-tall young man into a pie shape!