Chen Xiang seemed to be just a seventeen or eighteen-year-old boy, but his strength was so terrifying and decisive, no one had ever heard of such a character."Are you going to avenge her?" Chen Xiang stared at the disciples of the beast martial arts school, scaring them into speechlessness, because Chen Xiang was a real martial artist in their eyes, and still so cruel!The beast martial arts disciples shook their heads in a hurry, Chen Xiang had already scared them all over, after all, no one wanted to die."I ask you a question and answer me honestly, otherwise you will end up just like them." Chen Xiang looked at the meatloaf and the pile of minced meat not far away.The disciple of the Beast Martial Arts nodded hastily."Have you ever caught civilians in Taiwu Prefecture to feed the monsters?" Chen Xiang asked, the voice was so loud that the warriors gathered here could hear them. Most of these warriors were from Taiwu Prefecture, and they heard This question couldn't help but shocked all over, especially some warriors who have been in the Dragon City all the year round, often hear the news that someone is missing. At this time, the crowd has been talking about it.