Feeding monsters with civilians is a matter of indignation between humans and gods, and everyone is punishable!The disciples of the Beast Martial Sect were sweating profusely when they heard that noisy discussion. They did not answer at this time, nor did they dare to lie, because the murderous Chen Xiang in front of them was staring at them with terrible eyes. Give them a great burden."I only count twice, one..."Chen Xiang had just counted this number. The disciples of the beast martial arts all nodded their heads, but when they nodded, Chen Xiang's fists shook, and a cloud of white mist spurted out, endless murderous aura accompanied by the death of death. And out, that kind of brutal murderous aura makes people feel like they are in a battlefield with corpses all over the field."Die to me!" Chen Xiang fisted out, as if countless giant white tigers with endless murderous intent flashed out, biting the nine disciples of the beast martial arts madly and brutally.