The woman in the green shirt inadvertently glanced at the crowd, but suddenly saw Chen Xiang's expressionless handsome face, which made her feel surprised and surprised. Of course, she would not think that Chen Xiang could kill her, let alone She also knew that although Chen Xiang could escape, he was seriously injured."Brothers, brothers and sisters, that kid killed my Xiaohei. Although he has some strength, he was hit by my master. He must have been seriously injured. Go and catch him. I will kill him. Go!" The woman in the green shirt said sullenly.Chen Xiang could hear the words of the woman in the blue shirt from a distance, and laughed secretly in his heart. Now he is invincible in the tenth level of the Ordinary Martial Realm. Even if ten people of the tenth level of the Ordinary Martial Realm besie him, he It is difficult to defeat him!The blue-shirted woman is indeed somewhat attractive, so the young people are obedient to her. Everyone wants to be prestigious in front of her, not to mention that they heard that Chen Xiang was seriously injured. Apart from anything else, they took out their weapons. Walked towards Chen Xiang.